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The consumer purchase pressure gauges that should be paid attention to basic knowledge
日期:2013-1-19 10:29:48   浏览量:   来源:原创   关键字:The consumer purchase pressure gauges that should be paid attention to basic knowledge

Jiangsu Runyi teach basic knowledge to customers that should be paid attention to in the purchase and use of pressure gauges .

First,The consumer purchasing pressure gauges that should be paid attention to basic knowledge:

1, The following points should be made clear in a general gauge purchasing and ordering:
a. meter Name: To clear the general pressure gauge, oxygen pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, ammonia pressure gauge;
b.Instrument Type: different manufacturers have different models, but explicitly written in the contract;
c .meter diameter size: Φ40, Φ60, Φ100, Φ150, Φ200, Φ250.
d. installation: radial, axial, with front belt behind.
e .measuring range: vacuum table --- 0.1MPa
    Pressure gauge - measuring caps
    The pressure vacuum - measuring range
f. Accuracy class: 1.0; 1.6; 2.5; 4.0

Inadditiontotheabove pointsshouldbeclearintheprocurementand orderingofspecialgauge,dependingonthe pressure gaugeshouldbe clear the followingpoints:

A.TheinstrumentationName:diaphragmpressure gauge,anti-corrosionpressure gauge,pressure gauge,diaphragmpressure gauge.
B. Diaphragmpressure gauge:
a.Dependingonthepurpose,clearspring tube,fill fluid(silicone oil,glycerine, cooking oil,fluorine oil)
b .Based onmeasured mediacorrosion,diaphragmmaterial(such asSUS316,tantalum sheet,titanium sheet,Monel,Hastelloy,coating, etc.)should be clearly.
c .Caseflangeconnectionflangesimplementation of standards, size, materialshould be clearly.
C .Anti-seismic pressure gaugeshould be clearlythecasewithin thedampingfluid(silicone oil,glycerine,etc.)
D. Anti-corrosionpressure gaugeshould bebasedonthemeasured mediumcorrosive orcorrosiveworking environment,clearjoints,springtubeand casematerial.


Second,The consumer using pressure gauges that should be paid attention to basic knowledge:


Instrumentmustbevertical:17mmwrench totighten theinstallation should be,shouldnottwistthecase;thetransportationshouldavoidcollision.
Instrumentusingappropriateambienttemperature-25 ~ 55 ℃.
Workenvironmentvibrationfrequency<25HZ,amplitudeis not greater than1mm.
Using the ambient temperature is too high,theinstrumentindicated valuebacktozeroorshowing the valueof tolerance,thecaseupperseal
The rubber plug is cut open, so that the instrument is communicated with the atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                            instrumentationused, should beintherangeofthe upper limit of1/3to 2/3.
inmeasuringcorrosive media,thethepossiblecrystallization medium,the viscosity ofthemediashould be added totheisolation device.
instrumentshould alwayscheck (at leastonce every three months),ifthefailureshould be promptly repaired.
meterfactory on the datesix monthsundernormal storageconditions of useby the companyresponsiblefortherepair or replacementdue topoormanufacturing qualityfailureor damage.
Theinstrumentmeasuringcorrosive media  requiredordering please indicate therequiredconditions.